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This past Thursday, after a 2 year hiatus, The Producer’s Swap Meet returns to Atlanta and started the new season off BIG!!! Hosted by Big Tah and Commission‘s own Fort Knox with DJ Teknology and DJ Peter Parker on the 1’s and 2’s this event was full of pure energy and creative production to the end.

With producers going head to head with some of their best productions ever made to win as the beat battle champion. All producers gave it all they had while being critiqued by an elite panel of judges. On the judges panel, it included iStandard producers, representatives from A&R Management, Dynamic Producers and more!

Also for the night, it was a head to head battle between multi-platinum producers M16 and Black Metaphor that showed creative development at its finest, plus play a few tracks from major artists that everyone has come to know. When it comes to winner of the producer battle of the night for up and coming producers, a HUGE shoutout has to go to producer Nelac (also know as the artist Lyrical Preacher) who dominated the night with some beat that literally would make artists want to go war to be able to write to them. Next month’s Producer’s Swap Meet will take place on August 7th, but for more information make sure to checkout

Checkout some pictures below from the event:

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