Money Makin Nique, JID, whycauseican

This afternoon, Spillage Village‘s own JID and Money Makin Nique releases a new EP presented by The Fam titled Lucky Buddha.

This EP, completed with 4 tracks shows off the two hip hop artists creativity and lyricism. Opening the project up with an EP titled song/introduction which features the lovely voice of Marian Mereba for a chorus right before it goes into a skit of Money stopping at a Chinese restaurant to place an order while JID seems to be very indecisive to what he likes. Has to be one of the realest skits completed, because this is definitely how homies are when we trying to order. LOL!

Between each song skits play that explain certain cooking task chinese restaurants use to make the loving taste that America has come to love. For the 3rd track, JID and Money Makin Nique feature Earthgang as the duo show their vast versatility on a track titled, “Green Onions“, created with a dope boom bap track.

Right now, my favorite track on the EP has to be the 4th track titled, “Sweet & Sour” as JID and Nique go back and fourth on a sampled production that is vicious.

This is definitely a EP to checkout as if you loved the 90’s. JID with Money Makin Nique is 90’s Dungeon Family meets 90’s New York. Straight lyricism with creativity blend to make Straight Drop Soup!

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