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On Friday, July 11th, David Shands, creator of Sleep Is 4 Suckers, held its grand opening for their new store opening in South Dekalb Mall.

For the weekend, the company held major events through out the city of Atlanta, but to start it off, Sleep Is 4 Suckers jumped off the weekend with his Phase 4 Photoshoot Party at Posh Lounge that consisted of photoshoot being held by Rious Design, Chilli-O aka ^Tall^ and I Am Sight with DJ King Reece on the 1’s and 2’s. For the event, was able to attend to capture joyous moments with people who attended and candid shots of people and David being drenched in a bottle of Rose to make that night a night no one will forget.

Checkout pictures from the event below and also make sure to visit Cumberland Mall and the NEW South Dekalb Mall for your Sleep Is For Suckers needs.

Click Here To View All Pictures

 Click Here To View All Pictures

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