Mr. Kimber, Chilli-O, The Mr. Kimber Experience

On Saturday, July 19th, 2014, Hip-Hop Artist Mr. Kimber and renowned photographer Chilly-O joined forces to bring the city of Atlanta a new prospective on music and arts, entitled ‘The Mr. Kimber Experience’. This artistic event was held at Studio 905 on Juniper, one of Atlanta’s premier art galleries. Sponsored by Gentleman’s Jack and Dos Equis, guests were able to delve inside the creative mind of Mr. Kimber and take an exclusive sneak peek of his debut musical project ‘Pre-Vue’.

Upon entering the gallery, guests viewed some of the compelling art pieces displayed by Studio 905. The hard hitting music provided by DJ Noah enticed guests upstairs to the second level and main level of the Mr. Kimber Experience. On this level, attendees were greeted with an interactive social media photo experience, delicious hors d’oeuvres provided by Chef Petey, and a gallery of photos all shot by Chilly-O which were used to convey the imagery of each track. Inside the private Gentleman’s Jack room, guests were able to listen to each track on ‘Pre-Vue’ at the interactive listening stations, and sip on featured Tennessee Honey Jack and Gentleman’s Jack cocktails. The most special part of the experience, was the exclusive screening of Mr. Kimber’s extended music video ‘Pre-Vue’, that had guests amazed with how well he infused urban culture, hip-hop and art in his musical debut.

Mr. Kimber stated, “The Mr. Kimber Experience exceeded both myself and Chilly-O’s expectations. We are both so humbled and honored by how many people not only came out to support, but understood our imagery. I want my music to speak to the people, and I feel it did just that, tonight.” Mr. Kimber would like to give a special thanks to Emerald’s Avenue Marketing, Theory Communications and U3 Lifestyle for their involvement with The Mr. Kimber Experience.

To learn more about Mr. Kimber please view his EPK and visit his site at the following: | |

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