Que, Mike Fresh

Atlanta hip-hop artist Que and Mike Fresh have teamed up and they are preparing to release their new project “¿Que Fresco!”. Recently HHS1987′s Eldorado caught up with Zooly Gvng’s own Mike Fresh and Atlantic Records artist Que to get a inside scoop on their new project and find out what the two rap stars are individually working on.

Que and Mike Fresh spoke about “¿Que Fresco!” and the motivate behind the project. While filming a few videos in Atlanta, Que and Mike Fresh took a brief intermission to explain “¿Que Fresco!” and tell us just what we can expect from the project live from BlacktopATL in Atlanta.

The interview was conducted by HHS1987′s Eldorado. The interview was shot by Director AMart. “¿Que Fresco!” hits the streets on Wednesday July 23rd.

[via HHS1987]

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