Tree Sound, Malissa "Mali" Hunter, Cynthia Bailey, Anthony Hamilton, Ed D Kane, Rodney Perry, David Banner, JUSTICE League,

David Banner, Malissa “Mali” Hunter, Rodney Perry, Anthony Hamilton, Ed D Kane

Last night was a night to remember as Tree Sound Studios filled with notable music selects and celebrities for Malissa “Mali” Hunter private dinner with artist Anthony Hamilton.

Sponsored by Cholula hot sauce, with Corona, KIND Health Snakes and D’usse in the building everyone as usual was taken care of. From food personally catered by Mali herself with the her Tree Sound family and drinks being served and great music, this event made sure all left satisfied.

For the event and interview was held with the Grammy Award-Winning singer/songwriter Anthony Hamilton that also lead into an introductory concert of new artist Ed D Kane. Special guest of the night included Terri J. Vaughn, Derek J, Rodney Perry, David Banner, Cynthia Bailey, Peter Thomas and more!

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