Jhene Aiko, photoshoot, elle magazine

As she takes over the world with her elegant sound and free falling spirit, the 26 year old “Souled Out” artist Jhene Aiko has caught many people’s ears as the person to watch out for in the music industry. Gaining fans from all different genres of music, Jhene as shown that she is a woman who is hear to stay for a while. Now after having probably one of most anticipated album set to release this year, Jhene steps out of her confort zone and gears up to win over fashionista around the world with photoshoot Elle Magazine shot and styled by Nick Walker and Sarah Schussheim.

In the shoot Jhene had stated, “It was a little out of my confort zone” as most people have come use to Jhene rocking big shirts, or a cut off top with her abs showing, or simply white dresses, or even sweat pants, but Jhene was soon to find out that she can pull off some of the most stylish clothing and still be Jhene from the block. In her shoot, Jhene rocks a Juan Carlos Obando lounge blouse with wide-leg trousers, an embroidered dress with Adidas Stan Smith leather sneakers, Prada white collar dress shirt with braclet and a Kenzo wool sweater, that even though different, Jhene makes all of them look like they were made for her.

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