Havok Jones, Fame Magazine

The quadruple threat that is Havok Jones graces the September issue of F.A.M.E The Experience Magazine. Discussing the power of the ‘girl group’ and assuring there’s no lead singer among the four, Havok Jones is creating moments and blazing the promotional trail ahead of the release of their debut EP, ‘The Re-Dedication.’


“Wreaking Havok! Four voices. One sound. Forget everything you think you know about girl groups. Havok Jones is determined to blaze a trail in the music industry like none other. These young ladies have distinguished themselves from their predecessors in one major way: there’s no “Beyonce” of the group. They’re all “Beyonces.” Atlantans KeaAleis, MaiDai and Neiko, along with Chicago native, Aire B., met through their vocal coach, Ms. Queen, who understood the strength of what four lead voices would bring: a powerhouse female group for the new millennium.”

They Continued:
“We’ve seen a lot of musical groups split over the years. With four lead singers, how will they prevent people leaving to pursue solo efforts? “It’s really about putting our ego and selfish ways to the side for the betterment of our careers – and it’s easy to do. Communication and unity is something we work on daily.”

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