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For some, the truth is hard to bear, and for others, they are able to take that information in and look at how to grow from it. With the latest situation pertaining to the killing of the unarmed, black 18 year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, many people have come fed up with incidences of police brutality and police killing people with signs of weapons have been shown. From this, many people have stated to speak out and philanthropist, humanitarian and artist David Banner did just that recently on CNN to discuss the situation with Michael Brown and the problems we have seen with police and violence in the black community.

David Banner had tweeted:

@TheRealBanner – “Black men have to watch what color we wear, what hood we are in, the cops, whites and blacks, no hoodie no white tee, no loud radios damn!”
10:05 AM – 11 Aug 2014

@TheRealBanner – “Our situation is more psychological than people will admit. Black kids kill black kids for the same reason cops do. They see no value.”
9:03 PM – 9 Aug 2014

In which it is to state that the police does not see any value in black people, but also the reason why we have so much black on black violence as well is because personally they feel the exact same way, especially when many of them grow up in an environment that many would feel is no way of escaping.

From his tweets, many took it as David Banner does not see any value in black people and for that, Banner decided to take some time to “break down” is tweeter for people to understand.

[The tweets were] definitely taken out of context. First off all, on Sundays I always dialogue with my fans. I always push my fans to think. And at the time that had nothing to do with what was going on in Ferguson. But it still applies. What I was saying is white cops do not see value in young, black men. And the reason why a lot of young, black men – not all black men – kill each other is because they don’t see any value either.

So many people have bought into this Americanized system, and America historically has always tortured, killed, and enslaved black people. And I have not forgot that. So, there’s a reason why we don’t see value, but it’s different because cops are paid to protect us….

The thing that America is telling our children, and this is the sad part, is black folks if you don’t make me comfortable, we will kill you.

From the Michael Brown killing that has happened, many have come forward to speak about problem, such as John Legend, Killer Mike and more.

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