Talib Kweli, Don Lemon, CNN

When tension happens, emotions will flare. This is one of those cases as that happened as activist/hip hop artist Talib Kweli was having a live interview with CNN’s journalist Don Lemon regarding the Ferguson and the young black male murdered Michael Brown. The interview started like any ordinary interview at first as both men discussed being on the scene, but after Don Lemon disagreed with Talib on the coverage of the media things started to take a slight turn. As Talib started to state information about how news was being covered, Don Lemon tried to interject his opinion and that was not happening as both ended up getting into, what feels to me a personal argument live on CNN.

After Talib was able to get some things off of his chest, both were able to finish the interview and fully discuss the problems of society today. Even though, some points Talib started to state was more personal for him not being truly known by Don Lemon and Don Lemon not acknowledging him when being seen, I do commend both, because I can understand Talib is upset at the gov’t and also just having a gun pointed at him by a cop, but also many do not see what journalist truly have to go through in trying to cover the right story. In this interview you can come to understand the view point of someone who is one side of the scene as “The People”, and the other side of someone who is trying to make sure they cover both side of each story equally.

But these are some of the type of conversations we need to have where angry may come into place, but really shows concern, but at the end both were still able to listen to each other and better understand both role that they play apart of.

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