Raury, Indigo Child

“We are the Youth. We are the Truth. We are Forever.”

What can be said of 18 year old singer/ songwriter, self proclaimed revolutionary Raury? One could talk about how he’s been featured on the likes of Complex, Jay Z’s Life & Times, Billboard, and Vice.com’s Music portal— Noisey
One could say that he is a mesh of Frank Ocean and Andre 3000, who he’ll be opening for in Atlanta’s Outkast #ATLast concert in September.
Many have said that his sound — a mix of acoustic riffs, powerful lyrics, and visually striking visuals — is not like anything you’ve ever heard.
But what did we learn about Raury during an exclusive late night meetup this past weekend? He lives by his own rules.
It’s just after 3AM on Saturday evening in the middle of Atlanta’s trendy hotspot for indie music and eclectic finds, Little Five Points. Being the final days of August, the air is warm and peppered with humidity, a welcomed breeze greets us as we cruise down Euclid searching for this “secret” location Raury wants his fans to meet him at.
A few hours earlier, Raury sent out this tweet inviting his fans to come hang with him:
Raury, Indigo Child, God's Whisper, ATLien
J. White and I were already cruising the streets and enjoying the Atlanta city lights, when we saw his tweet come across our timeline. At the time, we had just enough time to get the camera and night stalk the L5P area for Raury. We didn’t know what to expect, but we knew it was going to be an epic night.
The East Atlanta native has taken the indie music world by storm with his smash The Cigarette Song and his critically acclaimed, God’s Whisper — which landed him an exclusive meeting with Platinum recording artist, Kanye West. Despite the rumors that the two are working together, Raury was mum and downplayed the meeting saying that is was “really cool to get the call” and meet the mogul in person.
Raury arrives a little less than half a mile from the “heart of L5P” as a small crowd begins to form around him. Many of them college students and peers. Others are true fans who have been following him since before he arrived on the radar of the mini mainstream.
His street team is hard at work tagging buildings with his posters for his upcoming project Indigo Child, which drops today and can be found here: http://indigochildproject.com/
Raury answered all kinds of questions ranging from “how old he was” to “his thoughts on college.”
When we asked him, “What can we expect from your highly anticipated project?” He responded with pride, “For everything to change.”
Make sure to download Indigo Child TODAY!

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