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Yesterday, at the Arbitrary Living off of Atlanta’s history Auburn Ave, East Atlanta artist Raury held his mixtape release party for his project “Indigo Child”. When it comes to artists, I have never seen an artist name spread so rapidly through Atlanta. The event doors opened at 7:00pm and their was already a line forming around 6:45pm when I was parking. Anyone in Atlanta, knows if you tell people hear that doors open at 7, people won’t fully show till about 9… literally.

As I waited patiently outside to be let into the event I started talking to some of the event goers and over hearing a good amount of the people saying that they didn’t know who he was, but saw the long line and figured they may want to get to know him. The curious, was in for a huge surprise even after myself and others started talking about the young 18 year old artist, stating other publications (other than he has been acknowledged, plus getting a stamp of approval from Kanye West after seeing Raury’s “God’s Whisper” music video. At this point, the event started to begin with the event space reaching maximum capacity of about 170 people before 8 and truly had another 180 waiting anxiously outside.

With drinks flowing (for the older crowd) and music being played by DJ Genesis, the crowd was already turnt before Raury started letting people listening to his new album. Greeting the crowd and thank everyone for coming out, Raury being to sign autographs for fans while artists such as Trinidad James, Two-9’s Curtis Williams, Beezy, Goldyard, Alkebulan and more enjoyed the crowd and music from the young free spirited artists.

Many feel that Raury’s album is game changer when it comes to the music industry, but than anything, he is a game changer for what society thinks only comes out of Atlanta. From the creativity of the songs put together, the story of believing in yourself and taking that leap of faith, all blended with great orchestration, smooth & anger driven melodies, will show that money, cars, clothes and hoes is only a small percentage of what Atlanta is truly about. One tweet, I previously saw from the artist stated, “Beyond tryna see what being rich feel like”. Well he’s definitely making sure to, as many related to his song’s stories, and felt the inspired by many of his song.

As to all of the people who didn’t know who Raury, but out of curiosity decided to get a line to see who he was, left asking for his CD to take home and listen to. #ARTist

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Checkout pictures below from the event:

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