Last night here in Atlanta, hip-hop artist Raury held a listening session for his latest project “Indigo Child”. As Raury’s buzz is continuing to grown not only in Atlanta but throughout the entire music business, HHS1987’s Eldorado caught up with Raury to discuss his new project, his experience in New York City, performing with Outkast and much more.

In a time where speaking from your soul is often overlooked in the music business, Raury prides himself on creating that type of music. Having a sound that not only is creative but speaking to your soul. During our interview, Raury spoke on making amazing music that is a reflection for his life. Raury gave us some insight on his hard work finally paying off. Raury spoke on his journey from his beginning three years ago and how something such as Kanye West cosigning him are still overwhelming.

We also spoke to Raury about his upcoming performance with Outkast. As Outkast prepares for their first concert in Atlanta in over a decade, Raury is set to join the bill and introduce over 20,000 screaming fans to his sound. Raury spoke on the excitement he has for the opportunity to not only perform in his hometown but to have a chance to share the stage with true hip-hop legends in Outkast.

The interview was conducted by HHS1987’s Eldorado. The interview was shot by HHS1987’s Brian Da Director.

[via HHS1987]


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