10 Commandments of Beysus-WCIC

Apparently, I’m the resident Beyxpert here at WhyCauseICan.com. When it comes to our queen, she has taught us so many things: from defining what she believes a Feminist is to challenging your definition of a work ethic to being the example of how to properly snatch wigs! Being that September 4th is a global holiday for our benevolent Beysus, it seemed appropriate to share with you the 10 Commandments of Beysus. Check it out and use them to Beyter your life.


On self confidence
Thou shall always wake up like dis and be **Flawless

On being in love
Thy’s love must be both Dangerous and Crazy

On appropriate attire
 Ye must wear thine freakum dress on all celebratory occasions

On getting over heartache
 If thine heart is broken, thou must kick thine heartbreaker to the left…to the left.

On when to make a commitment

If thee enjoys such things, thee must put a ring on it

On one’s place in the world
 If thy should question who is the ruler of the world, the answer is Girls…or Beyonce….The answer is always Beyonce

On privacy
 One must request that thine driver rolls up the Partition

On body image
 Thine body is too Bootylicious for thee

On how to pleasure one’s spouse
grainin on that wood

On family matters
If thy’s family is worth billions, matters can sometimes become passionate

We love you Beyonce and Happy Birthday from us here at WhyCauseICan.com!!! And for the wasps who are not attuned to humor…I’m sorry your life is so serious.

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