Hip Hop Since 1987, Shanti Das

Recently during the ASCAP Legends dinner for legendary music executive L.A. Reid here in Atlanta, HHS1987 caught up with legendary music executive. author and marketing consultant Shanti Das to discuss her time at LaFace Records, working with L.A. Reid, the growth of Outkast, her novel and more.

Shanti Das has been in the music business for over 20 years and she is responsible for the marketing campaigns of Outkast, Usher, Goodie Mob, TLC and many others. Shanti Das spoke with us about her time at LaFace Records and what that experience did for her career. Shanti Das stated that working with L.A. Reid “Was Amazing.L.A.Reid empowered his staff to be as creative as we could be. It was a blessing to work with such a wonderful company”.

Shanti Das also spoke to us about the growth of Outkast and what their road to success was like. Shanti stated that she isn’t surprised at who they have become as individuals and as a duo. Shanti informed us they early in their careers with LaFace, L.A. Reid gave them the green light to be creative and to be who they are. Shanti mentioned she wasn’t surprised at who Andre and Big Boi have become and that they are still just as creative as they were when their first dropped “Players Ball”.

We also spoke with Shanti about her novel “The Hip-Hop Professional” and the reason she decided to write the book. Shanti elaborated that she wrote the book to inspire young people across the world and inform they that hard word does still paid off. Shanti spoke on how social media has hurt our business skills and she wanted to teach the youth how to understand and be success in the business world.

Shanti Das also discussed how to survive in today’s business world. Informing us that relationships are key, Shanti Das spoke on not burning bridges and forming good long lasting relationships. Before concluding the interview, Shanti spoke with us about her event “ATL Live On The Park” a outdoor showcase that takes place once a month from April until November where R&B artist get the chance to perform for some of Atlanta’s bigger tastemakers.

The interview was conducted by HHS1987‘s Eldorado. The interview was shot by HHS1987’s Brian Da Director.

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