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On October 5th, Wicked Promoter teamed up with Afropunk to bring Atlanta, GA a concert they will never forget. Sponsored by Redd’s Wicked Apple, the Wicked Afropunk party was the spot to be as artists such as Hollyweerd, Baby Baby and TDE’s own SZA hit the stage to make the crowd literally go wild. Hosted by the lovely Tennessee Kitty herself Joi Gilliam with Sofa King DJ’ing, keeping the crowd interactive and ampt up for what’s to come, this event clashed music and artist together to create a social atmosphere that blend many culturally diversed individuals. Taking care of keeping the people visually stimulated, a graffiti wall was completed on site by Corey Davis and PaperFrank, all while catered food by Chef Dan Brown satisfied everyone’s hunger craving.

To start off the event, Hollyweerd hit the stage with DJ Genesis, performing their first time together in over 3 years. They definitely have not missed a beat and rocked out the crowded truly having the crowd want more! For the 2nd performance the rock band Baby Baby definitely made a name for themselves as they are from Atlanta. From rocking a horse’s head, to a drummer who played in what might as well been a Speedo, this band showed that they were a band that you will never forget and are here to stay. To close out the night, TDE’s own SZA hit the stage that literally made the crowd go WILD! I truly thought that I was the BIGGEST SZA FAN, but I soon found out as the night went on that I have some hard competition to beat.

Hitting the stage for her first time performing in Atlanta, SZA showed everyone that she felt like she was at home within Terminal West as she greeted the crowd and showed the crowd as much love as the crowd showed her. From fans screaming “I LOVE YOU”, from her even bring a fan on the stage for a once in a life time duet with the beautiful, flowing hair singer. My biggest competition for SZA BIGGEST FAN though has to go to a lady who decided to literally jumped the rail to get on the stage with the singer, surprising SZA for a moment, but she definitely played it like a true gangsta from New Jersey. Where most artists would have had the fan escorted off the stage, or security would have tackled them, SZA performed to her, which made me think, “Maybe I should jump this rail as well”, but then it probably would have been 300 people trying to sit Indian style on the stage as she sung to everyone in a circle.

To end the night, SZA to us to her “living room” and debuted a new song off of her forthcoming album A. Just to let everyone know, that is the draft as SZA has some things up her sleeves to what is to come with the track.

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