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Tuesday, October 7th, rock band, Coheed and Cambria, rocked out the Tabernacle In Atlanta, GA. As the crowd packed out the sold out venue, Coheed and Cambria crept up on the stage opening the concert with fan favorites that truly got the crowd ampt to see the quadret band live. From screaming, people tearing up, and fan crowd surfing, I knew this was the right event to be shooting at. There is nothing going to an event and see artists having fans that have followed every foot step, knows every lyric and rocks out with the band just as much as the band is rocking out for them. I’m pretty sure many people left this event pumped with energy, all while being tired and worn out from exerting a tremendous amount of energy. Also for the night, the Nyack, New York band showed Atlanta southern hospitality in return as they celebrated their 11 year anniversary of the released their 2nd album In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3. Playing some of the crowds favorites, people song along to every word, to the point you would have thought it was a sacred ritual going on outside. I have shot at a lot of events now, but Coheed and Cambria’s concert definitely has to be one of my top ten favorites.

To reminisce about the concert, Checkout the pictures below:

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