To be honest, had high hopes for Chicago artist Chief Keef. Not because we thought he was a hit maker and would strive to be in the Hip Hop industry for 10 years plus, but just for the simple fact that he is a kid from the slums that was given an opportunity to make something better for himself. Now after continuous run-ins with the law, jail time, and so on. It has officially been confirmed by Chief Keef via text message that he was dropped from Interscope Records.

It was previously reported by that Interscope were starting to disassociate themselves with the rapper and matters started looking worse for Chief when they tried to push for the release of his sophomore album. His previous project, Finally Rich, has yet to reach over 200,000 copies sold and now Back From The Dead 2 will be released through Glo Gang/GBE inprint. Chief Keef gained a lot of success after Chi-Town legend Kanye West jumped on his “I Don’t Like” track which made the song, a hit, literally, over night. Once Kanye co-signed the song, labels (except G.O.O.D. Music and RocNation) jumped all over Chief Keef.

One thing I will say is that at least Chief Keef took his loss very well. Hopefully this is the lesson that he needs to understand what it really takes to become Finally Rich.

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