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It’s getting to be that time again: When celebrities dress as their favorite characters and we, in turn, dress as our favorite celebrities.

Last year, Miley Cyrus was a go-to Halloween costume for a lot of people wanting to dress in something related to pop culture. Cyrus-themed costumes included her teddybear leotard; her flesh-colored bikini set from the MTV Video Music Awards; and a carefully crafted mash-up of her naked with a sledgehammer and/or wrecking ball. While the costumes were a dime-a-dozen among us ordinary folk, even some celebrities recreated the look. Perez Hilton chose to go with the flesh-colored bikini, as did Harry Styles, model Alex Morgan, Playboy Playmate Crystal Harris, and the late Joan Rivers (with a few moderations). Also, Kelly Ripa, Paris Hilton, and Laura Spencer went with the teddy bear leotard.

This year, there hasn’t been anything too shocking from celebs that could live up to the Cyrus-centric costumes of last year. While most people try to keep their ideas under wraps until Oct. 31, there are a few that you can expect to see among celebrities and your friends.

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea via MTV


The explosion of her popularity over the last year combined with her unique wardrobe choices have made Azalea one of the leaders for celeb-inspired costumes this year. Brti+Co got ahead of the curve last month and came up with 12 of Azalea’s most popular outfits that we can expect to see Halloween night. The most popular of them all seems to be be the skin-tight jumpsuits that she and Rita Ora wore in their music video, “Black Widow.”

While Azalea might not be a popular choice among celebrities, she could also be responsible for many bringing back the wardrobe from the 1995 film Clueless, after channeling her inner Cher Horowitz in her music video for “Fancy.”

Alisha Hessler

Angela Bassett American Horror Story

Never heard of her? You might better know her as Jasmine Tridevil, or “the woman with three boobs.” Tridevil claimed to have plastic surgery in order to look like the women in Total Recall or Angela Bassett in American Horror Story Freakshow, the latter of which features everything from “three-breasted aliens to battles in outer space,” according to Adam and Eve.

Although it was later reported that the woman was lying, that hasn’t stopped others from wanting to emulate her three-breasted look. New York Magazine said that the halloween costume quickly hit shelves after the word of Tridevil went viral.

Characters from The Book of Life

The vibrant costumes from the upcoming film The Book of Life are sure to attract those looking for a more “family-friendly” costume. Animating Mexico’s Day of the Dead, the movie is filled with vibrant outfits, mythical creatures, and skeletons.

The makeup and material alone would certainly be a challenge, but if you have the resources, recreating the colorful characters could be incredible. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t keeping my fingers crossed to see Neil Patrick Harris and his family recreate some of the ornate costumes for one of their legendary Halloween photos… Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

Who or what do you think will be this year’s most popular costume?

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