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I just LOVE when Rihanna goes overseas. When in America, she tries to dress all conservative and sh*t. Well doesn’t like conservative Rihanna, we like the Rihanna that would flick us off, if we ask to hold her coat at a gala. The Rihanna who hits Paris strips for a cup of coffee with a see through top with nipple piercings. That’s the Rihanna we want and now Rihanna is back overseas and Esquire UK delivers a steamy shoot for their December issue.

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Even though it may be cold outside, Rihanna warms things up right after her cover release with ELLE Magazine. If she already didn’t have everyone’s attention, I’m pretty sure people attention to her today, plus she gears up for the release of her 8th solo album.

Checkout pictures below of Rihanna Equire UK spread.

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