kanye west

Most music artist are focused on releasing an album at the end of the year, but Kanye West is focused on releasing his new Yeezy 3 with adidas. With this being the first shoe launch with adidas, Kanye West does have some big shoes to fill… (shrugs) after the release of his Yeezy 2 that came out previously with Nike.

On a surprise launch on Nike’s website site, the Yeezy 2 sold out 11 minutes, so with the Yeezy 3 already having a set date to launch on the 3rd week of November, I can only image how many people are checking out adidas website that week to make sure they are the first to have to shoes shipped and rock them in the winter. Their hasn’t been an official release of the look of the shoe, but according to Sneakermob.com, many are expecting them to be similar to adidas’ original Tubular recently released.

adidas tubular

Also with adidas, Kanye will be releasing a male and female line as well, just as fellow adidas designer/producer/artist Pharrell Williams.

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