Kim Kardashian, Paper Magazine cover, Kim Kardashian paper magazine coverI don’t care what anyone says, Jay-Z and Kanye West definitely have 2 women who are capable of creating an Empire. This year along, Beyonce has grossed over $115 million and Kim Kardashian’s new game app has grossed over $40 Million… hold up! It’s first quarter! Proving that even though many people may shun Kim on her pass sex tape still (yes some people still love to hate her for that), Kim has shown that see is capable of turning a bad situation into ASS ets (no pun-intended). Now, art culture magazine Paper has team up with the bodacious beauty with one goal set in mind, breaking The Internet.

So for their 2014 winter issue, Paper magazine got up with photographer Jean-Paul Goude to recreate his “Champagne Incident“, BUTT this time Kim Kardashian stands in an all black dress while she pops Champagne into a glass that sits on top of her lovely lady lumps with the issue titled, “Break The Internet”.

Photos: Kim Kardashian West Poses Naked For British GQ Spread

Kanye West has to be one of the most happiest men in the world, I don’t care what his frown says. All of the pictures from the inside spread will be released Thursday, but for the time being Paper Magazine gives everyone one more pictures that will have #WCW being the longest day of your life!

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