Known for her sultry, melancholy sound that can make anyone relapse back into a dark state of mind, UK singer, Lana Del Rey lets her inner glow shine in the new December/January 2015 issue for Maxim Magazine. With the nickname like the “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra”, Lana surprises everyone today as released photos, shot by Neil Krug, hit showing Lana posing as a true cover girl and even gives a smile to the camera while laying with a white sheet covering her nude body. Even though some may see this as bad timing as a video was recently leaked yesterday, which was supposed to be locked in a vault, of the young vocalist pretending to be raped by horror movie director Eli Roth. In all, Lana Del Rey looks AMAZING as her skin radiate in the sunlight and shows maybe the ‘Ultraviolence’ singer is not so dark after all.

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Checkout pictures below from the shoot:

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