The Ill Table

This Season two episode features seasoned and respected DJ Pretttboy Tank. Shelanese finds out how Tank has maintained his longevity in the music industry. Season two not only shows you the exciting life of a DJ but also epic stories of a philanthropist, photographer, spiritual blogger, and pro athlete turned instructor.

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Season two is simply a continuous exhibition of season 1. My purpose is to showcase that these individuals are still pursuing their dreams despite setbacks”, Shelanese expresses. “At such a young and eager age, these wonderful individuals I had the pleasure to connect with during this season are embarking on endeavors such as touring the world, meeting idols, and breaking records while maintaining humility and understanding the meaning of perseverance. They are future legends.

“The ILL Table” encourages you to accompany them on their journey and view the premiere of Season 2 in the comfort of good company.

Season 2 | The ILL Table | DJ PrettyBoy Tank from The ILL Table on Vimeo.

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