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On Tuesday, December 9th, Center Stage in Atlanta became a packed out house as singers Elle Varner and Adrian Marcel held their concert in the well known venue. Managed by one of Atlanta’s most known concert holders, The Muddy Water Group, this show was one for the books as many turned out to see the 2 give it their all for Atlanta.

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To start off the show, singer Adrian Marcel hit the stage to sing some of his most known songs such as “My Life”, “2 AM” and more, all while teasing and tantalizing the women in the audience as many were going wild in the front row. One lady even accidentally, or planned, threw her car keys and cell phone on the stage that even shocked Adrian as we could tell as he replied on the mic, “no panties though”. I think we all started to look back at the lady like, “so what’s gonna be your next move?”. LOL!

After getting the crowd amped up and the ladies hot, it was time for Elle Varner to hit the stage. Dressed in an all black lace top, black jeans, big hoop earring with fur boots and her head full of hair, Elle Varner hit the stage with the crowd roaring as they were graced by her presence. During her performances you could tell that many didn’t just like Elle, but loved Elle as many danced along in the sold out venue and even with hit songs such has, “I Don’t Care“, “Only Wanna Give It To You”, you would have thought you were in a Frankie Beverly and Maze concert as attendee’s song along with ever word. For the event, Elle performed a few of her new hits such as “Cold Case“, “Don’t Wanna Dance“, “Little Do You Know“, and her song that has everyone not giving a fvck, “Fuck It All“. To be honest, December 9th had a ton of events going on in Atlanta and to be able to still sell out the concert hall in Atlanta, Elle Varner even showed her fans love as she hopped off the stage to personally single with them in the crowd before heading back up.

One thing I got from the concert is that many people are yearning for music. Not just the usual we hear all the time, but music that you can feel. As one person yelled from the crowd as Elle was performing, “Put Me In My Emotions Elle!” It’s cool to dance and “turn up” at time, but somedays we need that music that reminds us of love, sympathy, hate, pain, because in all, it reminds us that we are all human.

So record label…. HURRY UP AND DROP HER ALBUM!!!

Checkout Pictures From Elle Varner & Adrian Marcel’s concert below:

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