2 Chainz, Trinidad James, Skooly

On December 16th, 2014, 2 Chainz debuted his new jeans collaboration with PRPS Jeans at the A Ma Maniere clothing store in Atlanta. With the jeans they come in Black. Blue and Gray, with one style having 2 chains hanging from the jean pocket, plus all displays a large ‘X’ in the front of them. The reason as stated by 2 Chainz, “That’s where I want the strippers to sit”. With his new collection of jeans, 2 Chainz set to take the term, “X marks the spot” to another level. For the jean collection, 2 Chainz and PRPS personally choose out the cloth, style and look of all jeans to make sure to each pair is truly something personal to the southside rapper himself.

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Checkout pictures below of the event: and checkout PRPS Jeans website.

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