Natalia Rich

L to R: Jerry White & Natalia Rich

On December 13th, singer/songwriter, Natalia Rich, held a private brunch for media in Atlanta to get to know the Holland/St. Maarten singer. During the event, media was treated with an all out buffet of wings, mozzarella sticks, fresh fruit, chicken bits and more with wine, or juice to top it off. Afterward, Fly publicity’s Joshua held a personal interview with the young 19 year singer. Getting to know her more, she talked about transitioning from Holland at the age of 12 to St. Maarten being a huge culture shock.

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To go from from somewhere that was more calm, collected and family oriented to the islands where it was more partying, festivals, events and more. When hearing her background, you could understand more about her sound as her music played previously while we mingled. Natalia has come to create her own style as she has come to blend RnB, Pop and Reggae to put her in a lane of her own. One thing that I loved about Natalia was that with her coming from a Church background, she wants to always create music that helps to uplift people in a positive manner. Everyone was intrigued by this information, since Natalia Rich’s sound is very unique, but sounds similar to Rihanna, but without all of the risque.

Growing her sound and now building in Atlanta, Natalia releases a single titled, “Mash It Up”, that is perfect titled for her sound and life story as she comes to make her home now in the ‘Melting Pot’ (America).

Checkout a few of Natalia Rich’s songs below:

Checkout pictures from the event below:

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