Sy Ari Da Kid, S.O.O.N. Mixtape,

Last night, ‘Nawf’ Side’s own, Sy Ari Da Kid, held a private listening party for his forthcoming mixtape “S.O.O.N.” (Somethin Out Of Nothin) for DJ’s and some of Atlanta’s music influencers at Matchbox Studios. For the event, DJ’s had a chance to social and listening to each track as they all went through the mixtape. I’m not going to give to much about this project, but definitely know Sy Ari successfully pulls off creating an album that I feel will be a hit commercially all while still giving people the lyricism they love. Also another track the comes with 300 more Spartans featured on the project that is gonna surprise everyone and is a killer!

Checkout the pictures below and make sure to be prepared for Sy Ari’s Official Listening Party Open to the public on January 7th, because this will be one you definitely don’t want to miss and if you were at The Ultrasound 2: The Birth‘s listening party you understand completely.

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