Coors Lights #SFTC2013 w/ Ice Cube, Bun B + DJ Drama, whycauseican, macklemore

WOW! I have mad respect for Macklemore after this interview and to be honest I had respect for him even before this. On Hot97, Ebro decided to bring Washington white rapper, Macklemore, to the station as the Grammy’s are coming up and early this year Macklemore got a lot of heat after winning Best Hip Hop Album for 2013. Now with the Iggy Azalea case coming up and many are looking at Iggy as the next person to steal a Grammy from a black rappers, Ebro decided to discuss the ‘Elephant in the Room’ and gets Macklemore some hardcore questions that MANY should come more open about today and discuss. From being a white rapper, questions he asks himself, white privilege and much more, plus winning the Grammy over Kendrick and Iggy today.

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I will say, this interview is long as hell, but trust me. They go right into the interview without beating around the bush.

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