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DJ QBert takes music to another level with the official release of his Extraterrestria and GalaXXXian album covers.

When it comes to music and technology, the two together have been taking how we experience music to another level. Now, when we thought that albums were about to be a thing of the past and is only a trending thing to love today, just may be making a permanent return as Algoriddim and Novalia partner together to create a Vinyl Album Cover that works as a Bluetooth DJ Controller as well.

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Algoriddim, the founder of the djays app, and Novalia, who are the creators of interactive paper, now come together to release the vinyl album cover DJ controller, that sync with the djay app for you to become a dj on site. All you need is your smartphone and the album cover to start mixing your own music that has been saved on to your phone to make you, some what of an official dj.

Funded by a kickstarter campaign, the new album cover, dj controller raised over $128,000 for a $100k goal. Most of the printed albums will go to those that helped fund the project. However a limited amount will be available at Thud Rumble, here.

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