Rihanna, Puma,

I don’t know about anyone else, but Rihanna is start my new year off GRRRRREAT!!!

As it was recently announced that Rihanna is the new global brand ambassador and creative director for the athletic clothing company Puma, we can finally get to see what Rihanna has been working hard at. I’m pretty sure everyone who doesn’t know Rihanna was probably expecting sneakers, a new puma jumpsuit, or some other type of garment. Rihanna gives the world something she knows every man needs and her way of advertising them is great as she basks in the sun topless rocking Puma’s men’s boxer brief. Even though, you can’t see her face in the picture, her infamous under boob tattoo lets you know that it’s the bad gal herself striking a pose for the camera.

I have so many jokes that could be said right now, but I’m going to be grown today.

Rihanna, Puma,

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