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With FKA Twigs already making Forbes’ 2015 30 Under 30 In Music list today, V Magazine releases FKA’s cover for their new Music issue today and it’s nothing but amazing. If they wanted to catch peoples attention, they did so as FKA Twigs poses topless with a silver necklace and nude panties on for the cover shot. Being 1 of the 4 covers for their issue 93, FKA Twigs opens up to the magazine and lets them know answers that many people have been waiting to her.

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In a text interview with SASHA FRERE-JONES, FKA gives the people insight on things done and more. Some snippets from the interview includes:

SFJ What you gravitate toward has little to do with mainstream R&B, or whatever alternative R&B is.

FKA If I say “alternative red” to you, it’s not red, is it? “Alternative R&B” is patronizing to R&B. R&B is R&B—it doesn’t need an alternative. There are plenty of artists now experimenting with electronic music, manipulating sounds. We can make a train into a synth. We can make drips into hi-hats. I can record sounds on my phone and make a song out of a city. I don’t know what that has to do with R&B.

SFJ I’m curious about the Google Glass video. The first time I saw it, I didn’t understand what I was seeing.

FKA Google asked me to make something with Google Glass, as an ad. When I used it, a video appeared in front of me. I thought, “OK, this is a great way to learn moves.” You can’t do anything crazy, because the glasses will fall off, but it’s helpful for learning choreography. The idea for the video was that every time I Googled something, it would appear. I’d Google “vogue,” and a girl appeared, voguing, better than me. But that person was me, so it was a glimpse into the future. I was using technology to improve my art.

Checkout V Magazine for more. Also make sure to be on the lookout for the printed release on January 15th.

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