Many have started to speculate that Beyonce and Jay Z may be expecting a baby soon, due to some photos captured while the two were visiting in Cambodian this past week. In recent photos, Beyonce can be seen with a loose top, but it looks like bump is coming through the shirt as her and Jay Z walk down a flight of stares. Or it could have always been the wind and the photographer took the photo that looks like she’s pregnant to send to magazines and online blogs to just get paid.

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But then, Beyonce recently posted a picture of herself on the Beach covered in sand all the way up to her neck. In the picture, it seems that they had some fun burying Beyonce in sand, but it does look like they took a little time to create a bulge right at Beyonce Stomach area, which many are assuming that Beyonce is announcing her and Jay Z 2nd child on the way.

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One thing I have come to speculate is that Beyonce and Jay Z are super smart people and if they wanted people to know that they are expecting, trust me they would personally tell everyone and make it very obvious if being announced. So this has been thinking, Beyonce and Jay Z truly know how to, what I like to call, “Control Their Media” and just maybe the bump is symbolic and means that Beyonce my be in the works of dropping something else. Last time, people though Beyonce and Jay Z was having problems with their marriage, which they weren’t, but then Beyonce announced the Platinum edition of her self titled album that came with new songs and remixes of fan favorites.

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Will we be expecting new music from Beyonce soon, or is she actually pregnant? Let us know your thoughts below.

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