Nancy Grace interviews 2 Chainz about marijuana
In a world when you have a rapper from Atlanta going against someone, the last person you would expect it to be is a lawyer…much less Nancy Grace. Yes. Nancy Grace. 2 Chainz was a guest on the Nancy Grace show to discuss…yes, weed. Marijuana. Cannabis. Whatever you prefer to call it.

Nancy felt the need to discuss the evils of weed and why it should stay illegal after a video surfaced of a man “allowing” a toddler to take hits from what looks like a pipe.

2 Chainz chimed in to say that the person who did that was probably someone who was on crack and that it is a worse drug than weed. And then follows it up with “But who’s recording?”

I don’t know about you, but 2 Chainz kind of had some points. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop Nancy Grace from reminding 2 Chainz of his bias towards marijuana by reciting his lyrics from Feds Watching:

Smoking California weed with California hoes. Truuu!

Click the above for video.

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