Shawty Lo,

On Thursday January 8, 2015, Shawty Lo held a photo shoot event to support his just released project on K.O.B. (King of Bankhead) and new smash single “Streetz”. Shawty Lo also talked about new deal with 300 Records and joint partnership with his label D4L Records and Grown Money Entertainment.

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“To be honest with you I really ain’t no rapper. Really I’m just a real dude from the streets. Who really lived it man. I tell my story and the things I’ve done in my past over beats. You know I have been through so much in my life coming from that jungle Bankhead project homes, that’s where I’m from. That’s what people like to hear the real and it’s so much fake rap out. I ain’t knocking nobody I can’t’ tell a hustler how to feed his family but the deal is when it come to the things that I have did that’s why I have my own lane”, says Shawty Lo.

Checkout out a couple of the shots below:

Photo Credit: Dontell Antonio of Composite Media
Styled by: Shun Melson

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