Level Up Brunch, Karen Civil, Live Civil Tour

This weekend alone was AMAZING! With growth already being shown in the beginning of 2015, Level Up presented the Level+Up Brunch which also included guest speaker Karen Civil while on her Live Civil Tour in Atlanta, Georgia. Sponsored by 20 Grand Vodka and Huria Boutique, hosted by internet personality Ashley Marietta and Eunice Wanjogu, Cirque (2160 Monroe Drive NE, Atlanta, Ga 30324), became a packed house as more than 200 guest came out to meet and greet the well-noted blogger Karen Civil.

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At the event, Karen spoke on her coming up in the music industry, believing in herself and never being afraid to challenge yourself. All while still giving people knowledgeable information such as her not having Instagram simply because the time spent watching someone else’s moves you can be making your own and news is everywhere, Karen Civil took the time to literally meet every single person at the event.

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