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On Saturday, January 17th, Celebrity Host/Chef Mali Hunter jumped off 2015 with her famous “Mali’s World Dinner”, as she host and catered the event with guest actor/comedian, Flex Washington and singer Shanice as they celebrate their second season on The OWN Network. Sponsored by Courvoisier, Cholula and Pacifico Beer, guest got to enjoy a Courvoisier infused dinner that consisted of chicken alfredo, fried chicken, mac and cheese, turkey meat loaf, topped with a selection of Cholula’s speciality hot sauces, plus their new and one of Mali’s favorites, Green Pepper Cholula sauce, all while enjoying the smooth taste of Pacifico Beer and specialty blend Courvoisier mixes.

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To start off the night, 3 Little Digs’ own, Groove Chambers held a sit down interview inside Tree Sound Studios with Flex and Shanice as an audience watched along to find out more about the two. The one thing that got many people’s attention was how the two showed so much love to one another and being a black show based around ‘celebrity’s reality’ and they aren’t adding to the drama as many of the other shows. One thing both agreed upon as Flex stated “I said I was doing this Once and One Time Only”, meaning that they will making things work and that included conversing about things that hurt and hard decision for them to continue their life together.

They truly showed they are not together just to get a show, but got their show because they are lovely together. With that stated, they have been renewed and will be started their second of Flex and Shanice on the OWN Network, plus we all were surprised to find out that Flex is starting to do stand up comedy and Shanice is working on a new album!

To top off the night after an intriguing interview with the two, Shanice surprised everyone as they headed to ‘The Cave’ for a special performance from the singer herself as the debuted a new single (That will appear on the new season), plus a remix to her hit song, “Smile”, with production from Iggy Azalea hit song, “Fancy”, which Shanice also showed everyone she can spit BARS as well as showing everyone her vocal range is still no joke as she performed her hit song, “Yesterday” and her cover of the amazing Minnie Riperton’s “Loving You”.

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