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Right now, some celebrities are shaken such has Drake, Meek Mill, Lil Duval, Marlon Wayans and more as they made jokes about Kevin Hart and his leather vest this Super Bowl weekend.

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This weekend, Kevin Hart decided to rock a tight leather vest for a show on Super Bowl weekend. Well that was all that was needed for other comedic celebrity friends to go in on the short comedian as it started with Marlon Wayans stating on Instagram:

Dear Kev, I wanna start by saying that I love you like family, I’m so fucking proud of your accomplishments but nigga take that tight ass vest off. It looks like you stole it off my GI JOE action figure. You look like the lil chimpanzee Ceasar from planet of the apes movie all geared up for war against man kind. That vest is so tight your chest is screaming “nooooooooooo”! (*in my @kevinhart4real voice.) first glance I thought the midget from the penitentiary movies graced the cover of vogue. Then I thought maybe one of my turds in this mornings shit stole my Barneys card and went on a shopping spree. I don’t know what look you going for brah, a sexy milk dud? A swagged out junior mint? A GQ sugar baby? You need friends dawg. Nobody loves you. I want you to slap Harry, wayne, spank, naim and the pilot of your jet in the face with a wet hand. This look like the chocolate dropper version of the Get Rich or Die Tryin album cover. #nobodylovesyou #startedfromthebottomwhyareyouhere #howmanypushupsdidyoudobeforethis #stopthemadness #calltheaccountantfreezethecardsthisniggaisspirituallymaxedout #igotafaceliketheballstombradytooktheairoutofwasfunnyasfuck

Then Meek Mill came with:

Let’s start a petition for kev 2 take this shirt off! cmon Man U from philly @kevinhart4real

As Lil Duval followed with:

Maaaaaan @kevinhart4real if u don’t get the fuck outta here wit that full body waist trainer on

As Drake finished off with:

Kevin…no. Please don’t do this tonight. #IsThatLeatherDriFit #PleaseTellMeThereAreOtherOptions #ThisIsABillBellamyFit #BalmainWillNotHireYou #ThisManIsOverlyLit

Well after having a busy night and getting rested up from his show, it seems that Kevin Hart has final had some time to checkout his instagram to see all of the tagged photos and mentions and has noticed that all of his celebrity friends have been having the time of their life about his little leather vest worn the previous night. Now Kevin is on a instagram roasting spree as he’s going threw all of their accounts and finding embarrassing photos of each artist and comic and letting them know what he thinks about their clothing choice at one point in time and may have just over looked them in the past.

First Target, Kevin Hart has decided to choose is Marlon Wayans posting this picture with the caption:

Kevin Hart,

Y’all done fucked up…. My first victim is@marlonwayans ….Your face looks like one of the Footballs that Tom Brady let the air out of. You could of played “Whitney Houston” in her Biopic….If a “Black & Mild” cigar came to life it would look like you….Lick your lips before you take a picture this close!!!! Why do u have 3 different grades of hair on your face???? You look like a monkey that the government runs test on!!!! What’s that WHITE shit in the corner of your mouth??? Wipe your corners at all time….your the “Wayan” that the family is ashamed of….they have meetings about you behind your back!!! You look like a Lenny kravitz starter Kit!!!! Boooooom Bittttccchhhhh ….@meekmill &@champagnepapi & @lilduval are fucking next!!!! Be afraid #ThisIsWhatiDo #WarHasBeenDeclared

Then he hit’s MMG rapper Meek Mill with:

Meek Mill

Holy moly donut shop….Awwww shit. I’m about to expose my good friend @meekmill ….nobody knows this but he’s had plastic surgery done to his face. This can’t be the same guy….His face looks like a chopped & screwed mixtape…..this mans front teeth look like a pair of white Jordan 11’s….This picture should be in a dictionary next to the word “DirtyNigga” …..He’s making a face that clearly shows that he has bad body odor!!!! This is a real life “I eat ass face”…..I will bet all of my money that his hair smelled like mildew back then!!!! Wait a minute I just realized that this is a picture of a flat chested young black woman!!!! Boooooom Biiiittttcccchhhhh #WarHasBeenDeclared #ThisIsWhatiDo

Comes after Lil Duval with:

Lil Duval

Next up is @lilduval …..What in the “Ying Yang Twin” is going on here???? This man looks like a bad built Vietnamese Boy!!!! His head is way to big for his body!!! He looks like a dirty neighborhood pit bull in the face. I will bet my life that he was the guy that was selling stolen cable…. What level of “Cooning” were you trying to reach in this picture….This looks like a Ad for one of those cheap commercials where the guy is telling you to buy a TV because his prices are CRAZY….u look like a Bass Fish that somebody caught in a competition….Boooooom Biiiitttcccchhhhh #WarHasBeenDeclared #ThisIsWhatiDo

And to finish off all roast, Kevin Hart hits Drake with this post:

Kevin Hart, Drake

Jesus Christ…..where in the hell do I start???? Why is @champagnepapi in a bathtub with a hookah???? Who said that this shot would be great for UR career. Is this a Canadian thing??? This looks like a “Sex Hotline” add….I bet the bubbles were your idea. This looks like a Lionel Ritchie album cover….what in the hell are you staring at??? This is truly your “WORST BEHAVIOR” you just went 0 to 100 real quick with this dumbass picture….Holy shit Drake looks like the type of guy that would drink his own bathwater… his voice “It taste like cucumber melon” …..u look like a light skin Gerald Levert with that dumbass beard!!!! I hate it….I demand that you lose that beard ASAP. Boooooom Biiiitttccccchhhh #WarHasBeenDeclared #ThisIsWhatiDo

Will Kevin Hart go for anyone else? will Kevin rock another leather vest, will the other artist and comedians respond? make sure to follow them on instagram to find out!

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