Katy Perry Super Bowl Half TIme Performance

For the Super Bowl, if they didn’t place bets on if Katy Perry was going to show cleavage or not, the people of Instagram had their Photoshop ready for any joke they could make while the Super Bowl was on.

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We can all saw that Katy Perry truly did a great job and a better job than many people expected when it came to her performances. From coming out with a walking machine lion, dressed up in a flaming dress, to stage that looked like it was created by the designers of the 2008 Olympic games in China, dancing sharks and beach balls for another set, plus performances with Grammy nominated Lenny Kravitz and multiplatinum artist Missy Elliott. That in all still wasn’t enough for Instagram to leave Katy Perry alone as they created hilarious Memes of Katy’s outfits from the Super Bowl half time show.

Checkout some of the most hilarious ones below:

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