The Delegates Of Rhyme

The Delegates Of Rhyme return with their new single “Look At What They Do”. The Bristol and Brixton based team of producer Vice and lyricist Donnie Numeric since 2011, with their release of the mixture version of “Spark” have been busy in the lab, developing a sound that involves a different approach. Basing a number of tracks on live instrumentation, and developing it into original, interesting Hip Hop, the duo have finally completed their highly anticipated album “Assemblage”, which is due for release later this year.

“Look At What They Do” shows the level of musicality and collaboration that they are aiming for. The single features the frankly remarkable voice of BBE signed vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Greg Blackman. Greg has collaborated with a variety of MC’s and producers overtime, crafting an amazing balance of Hip Hop and Soul, that can be seen in projects like Hartley And Wolfe, a collaborative pairing with longterm collaborator DJ Vadim.

The single covers people alluding to things that aren’t true to their personality for the sake of fame or attention. Donnie Numeric as ever manages to paint a picture through humour, personal experiences and a positive yet frank set of verses, intertwined with the classic tones of Greg Blackman, who’s elements set the scene for a cowboy film at points, with 10 piece harmonies and a vintage soul vibe.

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