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On February 8th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the 54th annual Grammy Awards took place and it was definitely a start studded event. But all while the show was taking place, we all know instagram can find anything to make fun off.

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Most of it took place all while on the Grammy red carpet as people started off the hilarious memes of the night after seeing Iggy Azalea hit the red carpet with french braid wrapped around the top of her head that many felt looked like a bird’s nest, a basket, french bread, cinnamon roll and more. Plus Big Sean and Ariana Grande who actually looked great together when hitting the carpet, but that didn’t stop Instagram as they have created memes that made the two look like their were posing for a high school prom pictures. And to win all, Rihanna as she is capable to rock any outfit when she hits the cover of a magazine, but for A-list celebrity Grammy night, she decided to wear a huge, bright pink, ball gown that had everyone talking.

Checkout the most hilarious 2015 Grammy Memes below:

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