Soooo, thanks to the Grammy’s and Kanye West stunt last night as he pulled a fake Kanye to Beck while receiving his ‘Artist of the Year’ Award, it has allowed many to start looking for content of Beck and finding out more about him.

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Now I will say, Beck was definitely supposed to beat out Beyonce last night when it comes to talent, artistry, creativity and more, but many people feel that since Beyonce is more popular, that should have won. One thing many people need to take in to consideration is that most of the people who vote for the Grammy nominations and winner are artists and music lovers. I don’t just mean fans, I mean true music lovers who love Jazz, Folk, Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Soul, Blues and more. So when it comes to Beyonce, yes she is a great singer, dancer, performer, but it still takes more and most of the stuff created for Beyonce to do because she is a BRAND that many have come to love.

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But forget all the seriousness of last night and the Beyhive starting to swarm the Grammy’s, Beck has been creating music on a major scale ever since Beyonce was 15 years old and has been awaiting his Grammy for that love. But one reason why he may have never won a Grammy at such as young age is because Beck was very childish when blowing up and I’m pretty sure many people wasn’t sure what he may do on such a large podium. Don’t believe me, well is gonna bring Throwback Thursday a little early today as we let you checkout a old clip of Beck in 1994 when his hit song, “Loser” was topping charts and growing in the rock community as Beck wipes his nose, throws a shoe during the interview with Thurston Moore and misses a high five to slap him on the forehead all after giving the most hilarious and uncomfortable answers during the interview.

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