JMSN, Rochelle Jordan, JMSN Tour

On February 10th, Detroit’s own JMSN made his way to Atlanta for his JMSN Tour with special guest and opening performer, Toronto’s own, singer Rochelle Jordan. Many packed out the Masquerade for the night and one thing is for certain, some people came because they were fans of JMSN and some came because they were fans of Rochelle, but at the end, everyone left as fans for both.

JMSN, Rochelle Jordan, JMSN Tour

The energy of night was amazing as people relaxed, talked about other amazing artist they loved all while having drinks before the performance began. To hit the stage first, Rochelle Jordan, or ROJO for short, caught everyone’s attention as the tall Queen took to the mic with long braid while rocking a comfortable black dress, with producer KLSH by her side. For the night, the rising start that many are comparing to Aaliyah, performed some of her hit song from her 1021 EP such as “Lowkey“, “There You Go“, “So Good“, “Playa 4 Life“, “Day One”, plus a remake of Amerie’s hit song, “I Just Died” and more.

Ight before I get into about JMSN’s performance, I have a confession. I have been listening to JMSN ever since he dropped his ‘Pillaj‘ EP then even went back and checked out Priscilla. In Atlanta, a lot of people are not that diverse when it comes to artist, so for the last 2 years I have been referencing him as literally J M S N. LMAO!!! It felt good to be around 200 people who helped me to correct that this week.

So for the night, JMSN (pronounced Jamison) hit the stage and start off his performance and keep the crowd loose and moving, came in with ‘Bout It’, off of his Blue album, and even broke out in a dance. You definitely can tell JMSN has been around many cultures, as he rocked with crowd, hit a ‘Detroit Shuffle’ and more. LOL! For his performances JMSN went through his catalog of music playing, “Addicted“, “Street Sweeper“, “Ends (Money)“, “Do You Remember The Time”, “Alone” and more all before tricking everyone to thinking the show was over and hitting the stage again after everyone chanted Encore and him performing 3 more song and ending out with “Fire”.

This concert was on of the true reason why I love music events, they create friends with many you would never meet all because you all have something in common right then and there.

Checkout more pictures from the concert below:

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