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Earlier today, the “Because I Got High” rapper, Afroman made headline news after he ‘Falcon Punched’ a chick on stage. After posting bail, Afroman took time to clear things up with an interview with TMZ as to why he ended up punching the girl on stage.

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More than anything, it sounds like it was the last straw that broke the camels back and due to being tired, exhausted, 2 drunk girls on the stage and heckler yelling profanities to him on the side, Afroman snapped when he felt someone behind him. Not knowing that one of the drunk girls that was on the stage was still on the stage, Afroman came to assume that it was the heckler and reacted in anger.

Checkout the clip below as Afroman explains the situation to TMZ. Also who is still surprised that Afroman knows how to play the guitar?!

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