On February 18th, Street Execs invited media out to have an exclusive tour of their new studio in Atlanta, GA. Located at 1740 Defoor Place NW, Atlanta, GA, just a few minutes out from the Midtown area, Street Execs studios sits noticeably at the corner of the block. The 3 story space holds multiple, studio rooms for every need, plus houses 4 in-house producers, has it’s own barber for those quick cuts before hitting the town and a house chef when putting long hours in at the studio and has an in house guard dog (joking).

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For the night, media got to personally meet Street Execs own and 2 Chainz tour DJ, DJ E.Sudd and discuss with him how he came apart of Street Execs, him transiting from N.C. to ATL, his No Stress clothing line and his creative part with help 2 Chainz develop his projects. That was just the start of the night as afterwards Travis Porter turned their studio room into a ‘Twerk 4 Travy’ semi Stripclub as the iCandyTwerkers showed out as Travis Porter played their new track, “Faster”. After everyone wished they came to the studio with one’s, we met with Street Execs new rising artist Bankroll Fresh as he talked about himself, mastering becoming a hit making artist and played his new hit song, “Hot Boy”. To top off the night, media met with T.R.U. Records recording artists Cap 1 and Rich Kids own Skooly and 2 Chainz himself.

Checkout the pictures below from the event:

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