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Rapper/Singer, and Chicago’s own Tink hits the cover of The Fader‘s Spring issue. With brown skin, a head full of curly hair and with a look not like your curvacious vixen artists, Tink has caught many people’s attention last year as Timbaland announced her as one of his new rising protege’s. Now the rapper/singer takes on her journey as many are coming to love her sound, plus a lyrical ability to definitely become one of dopest rappers in the game today who is capable of dropping an RnB album and take over as well. In Fader’s new issue, Tink speaks on being a different look that many are expecting her to be as a female artists, her start on her music journey and dealing with haters in school and working with Timbaland.

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Head over to The Fader to checkout the full write up on the artists and see why she is being selected as an artist to watch WhyCauseICan.com and many others.

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