"… Write my curses in cursive"

“… Write my curses in cursive”

In the mist of all the antics of Kanye West’s interview with the breakfast club, I feel the need to introduce people to a new Tumblr I started following about 4 days ago named, Lil Ye. Created by illustrator Ali Graham, he creates daily illustrations of Kanye West as a child and they are simply hilarious, super creative and on point with every image. If we could see Kanye West as a child as he see him today, I think a lot of the circumstance he gets in as a child would be true.

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Ali also makes baby illustrated characatures of other artists such as Rihanna, Kid Cudi, Drake, Kendrick and more! If you don’t follow him takes some time to view below some of his work. Love it, make sure to support artist and get a signed copy.

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