Even before the weather warms up and festival season begins, Atlanta is the place to be. On March 2nd, the city of Atlanta was shut down with multiple concert going on with being at Center Stage / The Loft as singer Luke James, BJ The Chicago Kid and George Tandy Jr. performed in front of a sold out crowd. Presented by two of Atlanta’s top concert company’s Muddy Water Group and Rival Entertainment the night start off cold, but by 8pm, heated up as R&B, soul music lovers packed out the venue to witness a show of pure talent and vocals that many will comes to know and are growing fond of in 2015.

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To start off the night, singer George Tandy hit the stage as he performed a few of his loved songs for the fans and set the room ablaze as he ended his set with his hit song, “March”. Afterwards, Motown’s rising singer/songwriter BJ The Chicago Kid took everyone back as he performed hit songs such as D’angelo’s hit song, “How Does It Feel” all while giving the crowd songs they from his projects Pineapple Express and The M.A.F.E. Project and even took time to sernade some of the ladies who was in the front row of the concert. To end the night off, singer Luke James took to the stage displaying his vocal range as ladies screamed at the singer as he performed with just a spotlight lit on him, performing songs such as his new single, “Bad News” and his remake of “Stay With Me” completed by Sam Smith.

Checkout pictures below from the event:

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