On March 5th, Singer/songwriter India Shawn made Studio 5 home as she held her Outer Limits EP release party. With pure, loving, energy at the event, many of Atlanta’s best artist, music influencers, fans, media and more came out to witness live what India does best. 

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In the lit location, many was treated to finger foods plus free drinks all while socializing and enjoying conversation all in the waits of India to hit the stage. The Saint Heron singer, delivered an impactful return to the music scene after her past album Origin as she hit the stage to perform with back up singers and a band. To start off the night, India got the crowd moving as she performed her EP titled track with afterwards performing her 6 more tracks from the 8 track EP. To end the performance, India Shawn debuted her new video for, “Floating Away“, which features singer/songwriter James Fauntleroy in the smooth, groovy song.

Afterwards, India took time to greet fans, supporters and music lovers all while taking pictures with them and signing EPs. Checkout pictures below from the event and make sure to support India Shawn on her journey to success by purchasing Outer Limits at

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