Rapper/Actor, Common, has had an amazing year this year and now he wants to answer your questions that you may want to ask him.

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This year alone Common has won a Golden Globe for his collaboration song with John Legend called, “Glory” that is off the Ava Duvernay directed movie Selma soundtrack. To make ends even better, Common ended up taking home an Oscar for the same song at the 2015 Academy Awards.

Now Common is taking some time out of his super busy schedule to socialize with fans and twitter users as he will be holding a live Twitter Q & A session on March 10th from 9am to 12pm from his personal twitter account. The live feed will come to help build the publicity of director Jaume Collett-Sera new movie, Run All Night, which features the artist/actor Common and also Liam Neeson, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ed Harris, Bruce McGill, Genesis Rodriguez, Boyd Holbrook, and Holt McCallany.

To tweet Common, make sure to use the hashtag #AskCommon and use #RunAllNight

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